Started Offering My Cuisine at the Maitland, FL Farmers' Market

I started at the Maitland Farmers' Market this Sunday 9:00-2:00. It's a new market (less than 1 year) and this was the first Sunday at the new bigger and better location. Unfortunately, the venue appeared to be too small for me to safely manuever my large trailer, so I reluctantly decided to experiment with a tent operation and a simply no-cooking menu.

Chilled Island BBQ Shrimp Bags - $10 (approx. 1/2 pound - 15 peel n' eat shrimp

Take Home & Reheat
Oak-Smoked Jerk BBQ Pork Slabs - $12/lb
Oak-Smoked Jerk BBQ Beef Slabs - $14/lb
Oak-Smoked Jerk BBQ Baby Back Ribs - $15/lb

Items were cooked the evening before, quick chilled. weighed, packaged, priced and refrigerated. Then sold cold for reheating at home, with reheating instructions and catering coupon. Other Guava BBQ Sauce - 5.5 oz container - free with bulk meat purchase or $3 Jerk Wet Rub Scotch Bonnett Pepper Sauce.

Sales from my first outing were below my goals because the attendance wasn't that great, I didn't have the trailer with the great smells and ability to serve ready to eat meals/sandwiches, and most significantly, my slabs of meat were just too big and too expensive. While I did sell quite a few $30 slabs of meat, everyone wanted the $15 slabs and they went early. $15 to $20 is really the maximum recommended price point per item. By the time I decided to cut slabs if necessary, it was pretty much too late.

Bottom line: A tent operation is a lot more work for me and very limiting. The market has great potential. People really loved the free samples. Customers and vendors are a great group to work with and serve. Organizers are committed to making it a great market. And I'll be back next Sunday, and with my trailer. Turns out I can get a great end-cap position and stay on a hard surface. My menu will be a lot different next Sunday and I look forward to selling out.

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