Roast Breadfruit Cooked In A Different Stylee

Went by my local Caribbean Super Center (a full-sized Caribbean supermarket in Orlando at Colonial Drive/Pine Hills Rd) to pick up a few things for a catering job and noticed they had a bunch of fit breadfruit for sale. So I picked one up to trow on my rotisserie smoker (charcoal and hardwood) to roast alongside my jerk chicken and jerk pork.

After about 2 hours the breadfruit skin developed a beautiful brown color and the breadfruit was roasted to perfection. Peeled it and added a touch of kosher salt and butter. Absolutely wicked and with a nice smokey taste!! Almost as good as the fire-roasted yellow-heart breadfruits I used to eat in Spice Grove, Jamaica, compliments of my brethren Donovan "Pea Dove" Campbell. If I could only find the yellow-heart breadfruit here in Orlando. The white-heart one was great, but yellow-heart is much better.

Attempted to roast another one in my home electric oven and learned why I have never seen it done that way in Jamaica. Edible, but poor outcome. Stick to the gas stove top, wood/charcoal fire or wood/charcoal smoker.

Next time I'll take some pics. I was too excited this time.

Peace & Blessings!

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