What Jamaican jerk menu items have you tried? What were your favorites?

You name it; I've probably jerked it:

  1. Pork (Boston Butts, Baby Back Ribs, Spare Ribs, Country Style Ribs, Loin, Steaks, Chops)
  2. Beef (Brisket, Short Ribs, Spare Ribs, Steaks, Country Style Ribs, Chuck)
  3. Chicken (Whole, Spatchcock/Split, Beer Can, Necks, Wings, Backs, Quarters, Skewers, Breast, Drumsticks, Thighs)
  4. Turkey (Breast, Drumsticks, Wings, Thighs, Necks)
  5. Lamb (Leg, Chops, Steaks)
  6. Sea Scallops
  7. Shrimp (Peel N' Eat, or Ready Peeled)
  8. Lobster (Tails)
  9. Prawns
  10. Calamari
  11. Snapper (Red, Yellowtail, Grey)
  12. Grouper
  13. Tuna
  14. Salmon
  15. Mushrooms
  16. Cho Cho
  17. Yellow Squash
  18. Zucchini
  19. Sweet Potatoes
  20. Irish Potatoes
  21. Sweet Onions
  22. Bell Peppers
  23. Asparagus
  24. Egg Plant
  25. Tofu
  26. Conch
  27. Toast
  28. Peaches
  29. Pineapple
  30. Rabbit

I haven't attempted Jerk Goat or Jerk Oxtail yet.

What items have you jerked?


Anonymous said...

I only know of jerk pork and chicken. Never knew so many things could be jerked. Pork is my favorite. Can't wait to try your food.

Jevi said...

Thats why i love going to the jerk festivals in jamaica! You get all this and more :-)

BluzQue said...

I found you @ The Smoke Ring Forums. The Ultimate Jerk Shack is Awesome Brother! What size trailer did you use in its construction?