Orlando Food Truck Bazaar a Huge Success

Just got back from the launch of TheDailyCity.com Orlando Food Truck Bazaar and it was a smashing hit, at least for the organizers.

Attendance I suspect was over 3000 and probably more than quadruple what organizers and food trucks expected. That’s the strength of the food truck food court concept and the power of social marketing. I arrived hungry at 8:30pm with plenty of cash and plans to eat my way around every truck. Well the lack of parking and crowds of people walking down the sidewalk was my first clue that the event was well attended. I parked and walked in and quickly realized I’d be going home hungry. Vendors were slammed with lines of 50 plus patient patrons deep. Despite the lines there was a positive buzz in the air and no one looked or behaved in an angry fashion.

Since I wasn’t going to be eating, I figured I’d make the most of my time talking to and scoping out the vendors (many of which were already sold out half way through the event), taking pictures and promoting my Gourmet Island BBQ “Food Truck” and Catering Business. So I went back to the car and grabbed about 200 business cards and went through them in 15 minutes. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people that had already heard of CK Jerk Shack and/or had tried our food, and the number that were interested in visiting us at the Sunday Maitland Farmers’ Market and at the Spring Fiesta in the Park this weekend at Lake Eola Park. We’ll be at the corner of Eola Dr and Washington St. by the children’s playground. Everyone was talking about and looking forward to a bigger and better food truck bazaar next time.

Well based on tonight’s phenomenal attendance, organizers will more than likely implement their plan to do this on a regular basis. The Orlando Food Truck Bazaar achieved its goal to celebrate and promote Orlando's wonderful food truck culture. CK Jerk Shack is looking forward to being a key vendor at the next event and providing Orlando with a tropical excursion through the sites, sounds, smells and tastes of the Islands. Our most popular items are Gourmet Island BBQ Boats, which are your choice of oak-smoked jerk chicken or pork, with sweet guava or hot habanero bbq sauce, served over a bed of coconut rice & beans. Eat Jerk. Be Happy, Mon!


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